Twitter launches $99 subscription tool to promote tweets

Twitter is making it easier for small businesses and power users to give their tweets a boost. The social network has officially launched its first ad subscription tool called “Promote Mode”

Reddit bans misogynist community as part of anti-violence crackdown

Reddit’s crackdown on hate-filled, violent communities isn’t just limited to banning racists: the social site has banned r/Incels, the misogynistic “involuntary celibates” subreddit. While the company isn’t diving into specific posts that prompted the ban,

Dad Who Lost 300 Pounds Looks Unrecognizable After Getting Skin-Removal Surgery

  The body is an incredible machine. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish almost any kind of physical feat. And to witness how your body transforms

Top 10 so-called conspiracy theories recently proven true thanks to alternative media, Project Veritas and WikiLeaks

Every day that goes by, more and more Americans become more deeply entrenched and brainwashed into believing what they’re told by their boob tube (television), newspapers, magazines and propaganda-spreading websites,

Mysterious hole found in Great Barrier Reef leads to incredible discovery

Scientists exploring a giant blue hole in the Great Barrier Reef just made a shocking discovery. The hole – around 125 miles (200km) from Daydream Island, north east Australia –

Why we need a better philosophy of trees

On November 6 1217, Henry III’s Charter of the Forest gave ordinary English people back their traditional rights to use royal hunting grounds for livestock grazing and collecting firewood. The freedoms that

11% of Americans think HTML is a Sexually Transmitted Disease

Had a particularly raucous night that ended with you doing the walk of shame the next morning? Uh oh, hope you don’t get HTML. Just kidding! HTML is a programming

Target ‘Black Friday’ 2017 Ad Leaks: The Best Apple, Google, Samsung Deals

Black Friday 2017 is just weeks away and following the Kohl’s ad reveal last week, Target TGT -0.12%’s deals have now leaked on The Black Friday ad gives away big savings on Apple’s

The woman who flipped of Trump’s motorcade has been fired

She gave the president the bird—then lost her job. Juli Briskman, the Virginia cyclist who flipped off President Donald Trump’s motorcade in October, said she was fired from her job because her employer found the

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