Oreo Cookies Recipes – Anodl
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Oreo Cookies Recipes – Anodl

Let’s face it, United Nations agency doesn’t love separating these classic sandwich cookies and dunking them in milk. There’s a reason classic become classics, and oreos square measure a major example. And for real, not a lot of (if at all) is lost during this protein free and keto version. If something, you’re gaining freshness and flavor and losing all the processed junk.

Plus, suppose 1g internet carbs a pop! And be happy to think about the vanilla cream filling as a mini fat bomb, a keto-ideal state of affairs.

p.s. the bottom formula for the cookies is incredibly the same as our grain free and keto skinny mints. thus you’ll be able to continuously fix a batch and add vanilla cream filling to 0.5 (i.e. Oreos) and dip the remainder in peppermint chocolate (ie. skinny mints). Double win!

The Chocolate 🍫

Without fear of stating the apparent, keto oreo recipe square measure one semi-sweet chocolate cookie. As in really black. Such hue (and ensuing taste) is that the results of part replacement cocoa powder with a black cocoa.

Having aforementioned that, you’ll be able to continuously simply use all regular cocoa. merely expect a lighter hue.

For the Dutch-processed alcalescent cocoa we have a tendency to continuously suggest Valrhona, acknowledged to be one among (if not the) best cocoas within the world.

The Flours
Oreos square measure historically a wheat cookie. to create them protein free and keto, we have a tendency to found that super fine almond flour did a killer job (solo!). Add slightly of xanthan gum, and we’re golden.

In terms of brands, for the almond either Anthony’s or WellBees work nice. each square measure super fine grinds.

The Sweetener 🍯

This formula works best with Swerve, while not a doubt. Not solely is it roughly 1-to-1 in sweetness to sugar (and the quantity is vital here), however it lends a awfully similar crunch and chew. No alternative sweetener did that.

Just note that erythritol (i.e. Swerve) takes a minute to crunch up post-baking. thus offer your cookies ample time (think anyplace from 2-4 hours) to urge nice and crisp.

Also confine mind that, the maximum amount as we’re fans of xylitol normally, it ends up in chewy instead of crisp cookies here (as it takes up to every day or 2 to travel back to it’s solid state!). thus no xylitol please. And just in case you’re curious regarding Pyure, we’re ne’er fans of stevia (in any form or form) returning in-tuned with chocolate (a not-so-nice aftertaste). however if you’re proof against it, technically Pyure conjointly works here.

For the vanilla cream filling, however, you’ll be able to just about use no matter sweetener floats your boat. however it should be fine. We’ve take a look at driven it with Swerve, xylitol and Pyure and it works nice with all 3.

So get your liquidizer out, ensure it’s utterly dry, and method your sweetener of selection till fine. simply ensure you wait many moments for the mud to settle before gap the liquidizer or kitchen lowcarb oero recipe appliance.

Or you will continuously grab a bag of fine Swerve (i.e. confectioner’s).

And if victimization xylitol, ensure to take care if you’ve got a pup round the house, as it’s extremely toxic to the tiny guys!

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